Learning to Cook

Yesterday, Rachael helped me cook. I’ve had her help before, but she tends to get in the way. She actually did very well last night. I guess that is one of the nice things about pizza — its easy.

I chopped up the veggie toppings while Rachael helped me sort them into bowls.

We then worked on making sausage. I used the recipe from Raising Homemakers. I didn’t have any ground turkey, so I substituted ground lamb. It turned out pretty good. Rachael dumped the spices in the bowl for me. (after i measured them)

Shortly after I took that picture, Rachael used the measuring spoon to scoop up a bunch of the spices and eat them. She then informed me that a 1/4 teaspoon of nothing but spices doesn’t taste very good. 🙂

Rachael got to eat cheddar bunnies while I rolled out the pizza dough. I used a recipe from Nourishing Traditions, that while tasted pretty good, I didn’t read the directions all the way, and missed the prebake. So it never did get it to cook all the way though, and the middle of our pizza was slightly gooey….Anyway, after I got the dough rolled out and on the pizza pan, Rachael helped me put tomato sauce on the dough. The only problem we had there, was by then Rachael was hungry, and when I gave her the spoon to help me spread the sauce, she kept stabbing the dough trying to scoop up a spoon full to eat.

We then add the toppings

and after 45 mins, we had a pizza. 🙂

For learning homemaking myself, I’m sort of doing Polishing Cornerstones. The assignment was to read a book on nutrition or some aspect of healthy eating. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon has been really fascinating. However, reading is going very slow. I will write about it if i ever get past page 25. 🙂

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Repurposed Leftovers

When I read about different ways to save on my grocery budget, one thing I consistently read is to repurpose leftovers. But I very rarely come across anything that tells me how to repurpose them. This was one idea that I had:

Monday night, we had rotisserie chicken for dinner. After dinner, we had only eaten the breasts. So I tossed the wings and leg quarters in the fridge, and then Wednesday night, we had chicken enchiladas.

Chicken Enchiladas
Remove skin and debone chicken, reserve bones and skin
Shred chicken
Sautee onion, i used 1/2, but normally, i use a whole one
Add chicken, cook until heated though
Add green chile, i used 8 ounces
Soft fry corn tortillas
Place 1 tortilla on plate, top with chicken mixture, then top with cheese, repeat until desired amount is served.

Once you have dinner ready (or almost ready) go back to your chicken scraps. Dump them in a stock pot, and cover with water. Bring to a boil, and then turn to low heat, and ignore it until bedtime. Stick it in the fridge, and in the morning, simmer on low heat 6-8 hours. Now you also have chicken stock. And you used your chicken 3 times.

If you want you can also toss veggie scraps in with the chicken. That will give it some vitamins. I usually forget and throw my veggie scraps in the compost first…Also, the stock freezes really well, and you can do it with any leftover bones, chicken, turkey, beef, lamb, etc. I will warn though…I have only made beef broth once, about a month ago, and I thought it really really stunk. But that could be because I’m pregnant, and random things stink right now…:)

What ways do you repurpose leftovers?

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Learning to Clean

Well, I managed to kill my routine. But I’ll keep trying. I had one day that I got behind, so I stayed up really late trying to catch up. Then, I slept in the next morning (I am lucky Rachael lets me do so) But sleeping in put me behind agian….and Ive been behind since Monday, and my poor husband hasnt gotten breakfast since then. So my biggest goal for the week is to get back on schedule. Meaning: go to bed on time and get up on time. I also think I’m gonna have to rework my routine a bit, and schedule some computer time, maybe that will help not spending so much time on the computer.

Rachael’s potty training also isnt going well. But I think that’s my fault, I havnt been consistant enough. But she at least sorta understands, she now tells me almost every time she needs a clean diaper.

I also did a lesson from Polished Cornerstones. I went though my bible and found several characters that exhibited self discipline. Then, during story time with Rachael, I’ve told her about a different person. Today, I’m gonna tell her about Daniel, and how Daniel worked hard, and worshiped God even when it was illegal to do so.

Rachael is also getting big enough that she wants to help me clean the house. We had an potty training accident on the carpet, and I had to pull out the shampooer. Then after I was done, and starting to put it away, I turned around and she had grabbed the hose, and was rubbing it on the floor.

Then on Monday, I was mopping the kitchen floor. I have found that my floor gets cleaner if I use a rag rather than a mop. So I was on my hands and knees with my back to my water bucket, mopping. Then I heard a splash. My first thought was “please dont let that be what I think it was”. So I turned and there was Rachael standing in a puddle holding a dripping wet rag (where did she find one?) with a HUGE grin on her face. Then she said “mama!” and squatted down and started wash the floor, and then dip the rag back in the bucket.

Then she did what I expect most 18 month olds would do….she sat in the puddle.

And people say being a SAHM is boring. 🙂

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The Way to My Man’s Heart….

For the marriage challenge this week was to make our husbands a priority.
One of the suggestions was to make meals that he likes. I actually already do this a lot. In my housekeeping notebook, I have a tab labeled kitchen. There are my menus (I try to plan a month ahead — doesn’t always work) Just in front of the menus is a page that is just a list of different meals. These are our family favorite. Or at least mostly Bryan’s favorites with some of mine. I tried to add Rachael’s but then I discovered that even though she LOVED spaghetti last week, this week she might decide that she hates it.
Anyway, I try to make Bryan’s favorites at least 2 times a week, usually it ends up more often than that.
Yesterday, we had rotisserie chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots. Today is taco pasta, beans, and calabacitas.
Also, I recently made some homemade ice cream, I didn’t know that fell into his favorites, but it did, so homemade ice cream for dessert.
Also, he has a thing for video games, so I think I’m gonna drag out his rock band stuff and try playing with him. Hopefully it’ll go well….last time I tried, I was terrible at it. 🙂

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My Proverbs 31 Servants

I keep hearing people saying that Proverbs 31:10-31 no longer applies because she had servants, and we no longer live in an age that has servants. But last I checked, I have lots of servants in my house. Madam Dishwasher just did the dishes for me. Miss Washing Machine did the laundry. Mrs. Dryer attempted to dry the laundry, but she’s getting kinda old and didnt do a very good job, so it ended up going on the clothes line instead. Mrs. Crockpot already has her assignment to have dinner ready by 6 pm tomorrow. Madam Vacuum and Madam Carpet Shampooer clean my carpets — saving me from having to pull the carpets up, drag them outside and beat them with a carpet rod.
That’s everyone I can think of right now. But it still shows my point, I have lots of servants around my house helping me….

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Another Week of Learning Self-Discipline

This week, I tried adding an exercise schedule to my routine. It didnt add well…we (whole family) went for a bike ride on Tuesday, but that was all the exercise I got for the week. Not exactly a workout at least 3x a week.
Rachael’s lesson in self-discipline has nothing to do with Polished Cornerstones. We started potty training on Thursday. She’s not quite understanding what I want her to do. But, we’ll get it eventually.

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I Have a Wonderful Husband

I have to brag that I have the world’s greatest husband. Yesterday (tuesday) I was cleaning the bathroom, when I bumped a loose tile. I looked at it and remembered, its moldy under there, and ignoring it isnt making it go away. So, I got some bleach and rags, and was preparing to bleach the subfloor. But…it looks like the next tile might have mold under it too. So I pulled that one up. And the next one (which didnt have mold) Then I figured since I’ve pulled up 3 tiles, I’m gonna have to retile anyway, and pulled up the rest. So, Bryan came home to the bathroom having almost no tile, and the room smelling like bleach. I explained to him that I couldnt get the tiles along the wall up cuase of the baseboard, and there was still mold under the tiles under the toilet, but the toilet was in the way. So, I needed help. He took out the baseboards for me yesterday, and the toilet today. The mold was really bad under the toilet.
(the light spot is where i bleached earlier)
So, we decided to pull up the floor board. Which is less of a big deal than it sounds. When they first built this house, the subfloors were all done in particle board. Then, they laid plywood on top. So we just pulled up a single plywood board.

So I bleached the mold mess on the particle board. Then, in the morning, I’m off to get a new board, tile, and caulk.
Now for the wonderful husband part: putting up with all that…on a project that really could have waited since it had been already. Bryan is in the middle of redoing the diningroom floor (there’s a hole in it) and building a chicken coop…
I think he’s blaming my insanity on nesting…

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