Where did the time go?

Have you ever wondered where all your time goes? Even with a routine, I’m still managing to feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. Why didnt God give us nice 30 hour days, with the need to sleep only 8?

I asked Bryan this week if he knew of any thing that I consistently did that was a time waster. He said that I sleep too much, and spend too much time on the internet.

I have to disagree with the sleep too much. The problem is that I stay up too late, and thus get up late. But, the only thing he sees is that I get up after he does…So, I must work on going to bed earlier, so that I can get up earlier.

For finding out just how much time I was wasting online, I decided to write down the time every time I sat down to the computer, and every time I left. I spent 3.5 hours on the computer. I was stunned. How could I possibly be using that much computer time and have no clue? That’s nearly 1/2 a work day! So, less computer time for me. I am working on revising my schedule to add in some computer time.

Rachael got some chores this week, and she is doing really good with them. She now takes her plate from the table to the trash and empties it, and then puts it in the dish washer. She puts clothes in the dryer for me. (I have to hand them to her) Or, if I am hanging them outside, then she hands them to me.

She also really likes books. Several times, when she suddenly gets quiet, and I go to check on her, it’s because she found a book to look at. Most of the time, its her picture books. Sometime it’s my heavier reading. I have found her looking at Sense and Sensibility and John Calvin’s Institutes. The problem is, when she gets bored, she abandons them. So, we are working on only getting one book at a time, and putting it back after she is done. I’m also trying to teach her the same thing about her toys. At least putting it back after she’s done.

I was having problems with her being afraid of the broom and the vacuum. So, we got her toy versions of both. She likes to use the broom like a vacuum. It’s really cute to watch. Unfortunately, every time I tried to take her picture, she would turn

Her little vacuum supposedly really will pick up stuff. But we aren’t really a fan of battery toys. So it has no batteries, and I have no idea if it picks up anything. We figured she can push it around and pretend.


About Kara

I am a daughter of The King, my Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus. I am helpmeet to Bryan, and mommy to a precious little girl, and another little one on the way.
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2 Responses to Where did the time go?

  1. Cute, I love the toy broom and vacuum…wish I had one as a kid!

  2. Time does fly when we are on the computer! yikes. I do a lot with the computer and have wondered about how to manage my time there too.

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