Learning to Clean

Well, I managed to kill my routine. But I’ll keep trying. I had one day that I got behind, so I stayed up really late trying to catch up. Then, I slept in the next morning (I am lucky Rachael lets me do so) But sleeping in put me behind agian….and Ive been behind since Monday, and my poor husband hasnt gotten breakfast since then. So my biggest goal for the week is to get back on schedule. Meaning: go to bed on time and get up on time. I also think I’m gonna have to rework my routine a bit, and schedule some computer time, maybe that will help not spending so much time on the computer.

Rachael’s potty training also isnt going well. But I think that’s my fault, I havnt been consistant enough. But she at least sorta understands, she now tells me almost every time she needs a clean diaper.

I also did a lesson from Polished Cornerstones. I went though my bible and found several characters that exhibited self discipline. Then, during story time with Rachael, I’ve told her about a different person. Today, I’m gonna tell her about Daniel, and how Daniel worked hard, and worshiped God even when it was illegal to do so.

Rachael is also getting big enough that she wants to help me clean the house. We had an potty training accident on the carpet, and I had to pull out the shampooer. Then after I was done, and starting to put it away, I turned around and she had grabbed the hose, and was rubbing it on the floor.

Then on Monday, I was mopping the kitchen floor. I have found that my floor gets cleaner if I use a rag rather than a mop. So I was on my hands and knees with my back to my water bucket, mopping. Then I heard a splash. My first thought was “please dont let that be what I think it was”. So I turned and there was Rachael standing in a puddle holding a dripping wet rag (where did she find one?) with a HUGE grin on her face. Then she said “mama!” and squatted down and started wash the floor, and then dip the rag back in the bucket.

Then she did what I expect most 18 month olds would do….she sat in the puddle.

And people say being a SAHM is boring. 🙂


About Kara

I am a daughter of The King, my Lord and Saviour, Christ Jesus. I am helpmeet to Bryan, and mommy to a precious little girl, and another little one on the way.
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2 Responses to Learning to Clean

  1. Emily Fiore says:

    I agree that being a SAHM is anything but boring but it is what you make of it. I had a similar experience with mopping about a month ago – so cute – I guess we take advantage of them wanting to help while they “desire” to. 🙂 I’m potty training as well and it is not going to great so if you have any tips to share please feel free.

  2. OH my word – she is SOOO cute!! My kids are 5 and 7 and they love washing the floor by hand too – it’s a huge blessing to have their help! Someday she’s going to do a great job on your floors :-)!

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